Ethics & Ethos

  • Do business only with customers desirous of Quality service.
  • Conduct the business in a 'Transparent' manner.
  • Offer the most credible 'Total Security Solutions' by being the best in the fields of knowledge, resources and market leadership.
  • Pay all employees on time irrespective of whether the customer has paid VARSHA on time or not.
  • Fully comply with all government statutory policies on time.
  • Maintain the best human resources in the field through constant training, high motivation levels and best compensation in the industry.
  • Be accountable and answerable to our customers.
  • Absolute emphasis on customer retention as compared to business expansion.
  • Be a socially responsible group with interests in human welfare and development.
  • Be better than the best though scientific innovations and technological up graduation.
Zero Tolerance For
  • Deviation or dilution of laid down systems and procedures.
  • Non compliance of legal and statutory obligations at any level.
  • Any injustice towards our customers and vendors.
  • Incompetent and dishonest employees.
  • Negative attitude within the group.
  • Acts of indiscipline non-compliance of instructions verbatim.
  • Compromise at any level.
  • Delays in decision making.
  • Flow of in factual information and wrong advice at any level.
  • Breach of commitment at any level within the group.

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